32. An Open Letter To The Members Of The RAOC

To: Members of the RAOC Cc/bcc: Royal Ascot Residential Owners, Ms. Maria Sze, RAMCL, Mr. Benny Chan, KSMSL
Dear Members of the RAOC,
The Owners’ Committee (“OC”) has to reform itself after failing to respond to the Heat Pump maintenance issue, a sluggish performance that experts estimate cost owners thousands of dollars a year.
The Heat Pump maintenance, or the lack of it, points to the need for urgent change. The OC was too slow to grasp the significance of the “paid nil-maintenance”, which is estimated to have existed for over eight years.
The reform is long overdue.
The groundswell of dissatisfaction and lack of trust in the OC has reached such a crescendo that unless there is fundamental reform, I think we might lose confidence in the OC for a long time. Heat Pump nil-maintenance revealed all of the OC’s inherent weaknesses and the RA community saw painfully what it was like to see the OC not being able to lead. That resulted in loss of thousands of dollars that were completely avoidable. If that doesn’t light a fire for reform, I don’t know what will.
Despite public expectations that it can respond quickly to estate management emergencies, it simply is not designed to do that.
Some owners expressed skepticism that the level of attention paid by the current members of the OC on genuine estate management issues would significantly change anything. Some owners described the agenda of the 1st meeting of the OC in 2015 as “dreadful”. If we try to dip our fingers on everything, then nothing will be done.
No other agency has a mandate to represent the owners that could easily replace the OC. We need to make members of the OC politically accountable for their failures and force them to be leaders.
Royal Ascot Residential Owners
C.K. Lau Block 8
Billy Lo Block 2
Peter Cheng Block 9
January, 26th 2015
PS. Over EIGHT YEARS and nothing has been done to Save our environment and reduce energy consumption using the very old heat-pump technology.
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