Section 8: Incorporation

(1) The Land Registrar shall, if satisfied that the provisions of section 3, 3A, 4 or 40C and section 7(2) and (3) have been complied with, issue a certificate of registration in such form as may be specified by the Authority from time to time. (Amended 8 of 1993 s. 3; 27 of 1993 ss. 10 & 42; 69 of 2000 s. 9)
(1A) The Land Registrar shall not issue a certificate of registration to more than one corporation for a building in respect of which a deed of mutual covenant is in force. (Added 5 of 2007 s. 11)
(2) With effect from the date of issue of the certificate of registration under subsection (1)¬
(a) the owners for the time being shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and shall in the name of the corporation specified in the certificate of registration be capable of suing and being sued and, subject to this Ordinance, of doing and suffering all such other acts and things as bodies corporate may lawfully do and suffer; (Amended 52 of 1975 s. 2) (aa) the corporation shall have, and be deemed always to have had, the power to hold an undivided share in the building, together with the right to the exclusive possession of any part of the building other than the common parts thereof; and (Added 52 of 1975 s. 2)
(b) the management committee appointed under section 3, 3A, 4 or 40C shall be deemed to be the first management committee of the corporation. (Amended 27 of 1993 s. 10; 69 of 2000 s. 9)
(3) A corporation shall have a common seal, the affixing of which shall be authenticated by the signature of the chairman and secretary of the management committee.
(4) A corporation shall have a registered office in Hong Kong. (Amended 27 of 1993 s. 10)
(5) Schedule 3 shall have effect with respect to the meetings and procedure of a corporation. (Amended 5 of 2007 s. 46)



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