Section 14: Powers of corporation generally

(1) Subject to this Ordinance, at a meeting of a corporation any resolution may be passed with respect to the control, management and administration of the common parts or the renovation, improvement or decoration of those parts and any such resolution shall be binding on the management committee and all the owners. (Amended 12 of 1998 s. 4)
(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), a corporation may by resolution at a meeting remove from office and replace any member (other than a member who is the tenants’ representative) of the management committee. (Amended 27 of 1993 s. 15)
(3) A resolution for the removal of so many members of the management committee as would reduce the number of members below the number required under paragraph 1 of Schedule 2 shall not have effect unless there is appointed, at the meeting at which such resolution is passed, a sufficient number of further members as will comply with such requirements. (Amended 5 of 2007 s. 48)
(4) Paragraph 6 of Schedule 2 shall, with necessary modifications, apply for the purposes of appointing an owner to replace a member of the management committee by the corporation under subsection (2), as it applies for the purposes of appointing an owner to fill a vacancy in a management committee by the corporation. (Added 5 of 2007 s. 13)



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