Section 23: Liability of occupier to pay contributions to funds

(1) If any amount payable under section 22 by an owner who is not occupying a flat in the building concerned remains unpaid for a period of one month after it has become due to the corporation, the corporation may, without prejudice to any right of action against the owner, by notice in writing addressed to the occupier of the flat and served upon him either personally or by registered post, demand such amount from the occupier, who shall, subject to subsection (2), thereupon be liable to pay the same to the corporation.
(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), the liability of the occupier of a flat to pay an amount demanded from him under subsection (1) shall extend only to such amount of rent or other charge (exclusive of rates) as is due at the time of service on him of the demand, or falls due subsequently from him, in respect of his occupation of the flat.
(3) In any proceedings by a corporation to recover an amount payable under subsection (1), it shall be presumed, until the contrary is proved, that the amount claimed does not exceed the amount of rent or other charge (exclusive of rates) due from the occupier at the time of commencement of such proceedings.
(4) If an occupier of a flat has paid an amount in accordance with this section-
(a) that amount may, subject to the terms on which he occupies the flat, be deducted by him from the rent or other charge due in respect of his occupation of the flat; and
(b) any person, not being the owner, to whom such rent or other charge has been paid subject to such deduction, may in like manner as the occupier deduct such amount from the rent or other charge due from him in respect of the flat.
(5) Any deduction by an occupier or other person under subsection (4) shall operate as a discharge, to the extent of the amount so deducted, of his liability for the rent or other charge.



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