Section 40: Powers of entry and inspection

(1) A member of a management committee and any other person authorized in that behalf by the management committee may, on reasonable notice to the owner or occupier thereof, enter a flat at any reasonable time for the purpose of- (Amended 27 of 1993 s. 33)
(a) inspecting, repairing, maintaining or renewing-
(i) any common parts in the flat; or
(ii) any other property in the flat the condition of which does or may affect adversely the common parts or other owners;
(b) abating any hazard or nuisance which does or may adversely affect the common parts or other owners.
(2) A magistrate may, if satisfied by information on oath that it is necessary for any person to break into any flat which he is empowered to enter under subsection (1), by warrant authorize such person to break into the flat in the presence of a police officer.
(3) Notwithstanding section 19(2), any costs incurred by the management committee in connection with the exercise by it of the powers conferred by subsection (1)(a)(ii) or (b) shall be recoverable by the corporation as a civil debt from the owner of the flat in respect of which such costs were incurred. (Amended 27 of 1993 ss. 33 & 42)



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