Section 40A: Powers of Authority or authorized officer

(1) The Authority or an authorized officer may, for the purpose of ascertaining the manner in which a building is being controlled, managed or administered-
(a) enter and inspect any common parts of a building;
(b) attend any general meeting of a corporation;
(c) require a corporation or any person managing the building to furnish him with such information in the possession of the corporation or that person, as the case may be, as the Authority of authorized officer may specify in relation to the control, management and administration of the building;
(d) inspect the books or records of account and other records maintained under section 27(1) including any accounts relating to any fund established and maintained under section 20; and
(e) inspect any other documents or records kept by a corporation in relation to any of its functions, duties or powers.
(2) Any person who obstructs, or fails to comply with a reasonable requirement of, the Authority or an authorized officer acting under subsection (1) commits an offence and is liable to a fine at level 4. (Amended 69 of 2000 s. 18)
(Added 27 of 1993 s. 34)



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