Section 44: Codes of Practice

(1) The Authority may from time to time prepare, revise and issue Codes of Practice giving guidance and direction as to-
(a) the procurement of supplies, goods and services required by a corporation including such procurement by invitation to tender and the tender procedure in respect thereof;
(b) the standards and practices of management and safety that are to be observed and followed by a corporation including standards and practices relating to-
(i) building management;
(ii) building safety;
(iii) fire safety;
(iv) slope safety;
(v) lifts and escalators; and
(vi) utilities and other installations in the common parts of a building. (Replaced 69 of 2000 s. 21)
(2) A failure on the part of any person to observe any Code of Practice issued under subsection (1) shall not of itself render that person liable to criminal proceedings of any kind but any such failure may, in any proceedings whether civil or criminal including proceedings for an offence under this Ordinance, be relied upon as tending to establish or to negative any liability which is in question in those proceedings.
(Added 27 of 1993 s. 36)



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