3b. 大厦公契對大業主無約束力?



年初時來回火炭車站經常見不同的區議員及政黨掛出橫條要求興建上蓋.在公契上偶然見到”Covered Walkway”的字眼,立即在自製的DMC網頁上搜尋此關鍵詞,得出以下資料:

DMC page 3
Covered Walkway ” means the  covered walkway  between the Development and Fo Tan Railway Station;
Development means the whole of the development erected or to be erected on the Lot including without limitation the Residential Accommodation, the Commercial Accommodation, the Kindergarten, the Government Accommodation, the Residential Car Parking Areas, the Retained Areas, the KCRC Complex and the Common Areas and Facilities known as or intended to be known as “ROYAL ASCOT (駿景園)”;

DMC page 41:
17. Notwithstanding anything herein contained and for the avoidance of any doubt, the management expenses payable by the Owners in accordance with this Deed shall not include :-
(a) Any sum attributable or relating to the cost of completing the construction of the Development or any part thereof or any of the Common Areas and Facilities therein or the Public Open Space, the Paved Way, the Future Public Roads, the  Covered Walkway and the Public Footpath or the Government Accommodation or any part thereof all of which sums shall be borne solely by the First Owner;

DMC寫明大業主(KCRC即現時的MTR)是有責任建做行人上蓋的,但過了17年居民仍是日晒雨淋地住返火車站! 七月時通知了啟勝,港鐵及業委,到10月初都無一個满意回覆,於是去消委會落了Case #: CC 301/151184/2013,消委回覆已與KCRC(???不是MTR)聯絡,現只好靜待隹音 (2013.11.11)


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