5/23: 地政處已發信要求管理處糾正.
駿景商場上的公園(public garden)圍牆是否屬於公共地方? 如果無建成公園, 商場的圍牆是否會仍是有兩層高?
小業主付了96.73%的公用地方開支,也應得到租用廣告位收益的 96.73%?

2014/1/13 發出以下郵件至現在已經2週MTR仍沒有回复!

Dear RA Owners (Residential & MTR), RAOC Members, KS Management & bcc recipients
Happy New Year of the Horse!
 2013 was a remarkable year for myself when I started my first blog on Royal Ascot issues under the website called “有冇搞錯”. The last story published was on 30th December “週年大會見聞 – 生銹馬更好論” !
 I could not promise more interesting stories in the year of Horse but I am trying my best to keep everyone on alert with my first 2014 posting “誰佔用了駿景的公用空間?”  http://eowner.info/?p=5721 . The new RAOC team was elected in the last AGM and both the new and old members are welcome to comment on this new posting.
 There are still some outstanding issues in 2013 which could be further shared among RA owners. Our new RAOC team may also like to take the chance to review them in the coming OC meetings:
1. 週年大會見聞 – 誰違法了?
2. 怡和保險+啟勝的{專業}服務
3. 水電煤稅要都抽(MR)經理人酬金
4. 邨巴仍用30年前的管理方
5. 羅氏清潔+啟勝{專業}管理
All the above stories are available at www.eowner.info.
Since RAOC members have no official management responsibilities, any direct feedback from Kaishing or MTR would be appreciated.
Thanks & best regards,
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2 comments on “14b.【商户大廣告掛在公園圍牆上】
  1. PeterCWC@RoyalAscot 說:

    DMC第20页有關廣告的管理是”經理人無權將廣告 affix, maintain, ……”:
    (i) The right to affix, maintain, alter, renew and remove any one or more chimneys, masts, aerials, antennae dishes, lightning conductors and lighting and other fixtures of whatsoever kind(other than signs and advertisements as hereinafter mentioned) on any part or parts of the Common Areas and Facilities, the Retained Areas and such other areas of the Development the exclusive right to hold, us, occupy and enjoy which has not been assigned (save and except the walls, columns, beams, ceilings, roof slabs and floor slabs of, in, around, within, above or below the Government Accommodation) and, subject to Special Condition No.23(a) of the Conditions, the right to affix, install, maintain, alter, renew and remove one or more signs and advertisements (illuminated or otherwise) on any part or parts of the Commercial Common Areas and Facilities, the external wall surfaces of the Podium (excluding the external wall of the Government Accommodation), such of the Retained Areas and such other areas within the Commercial Accommodation and Kindergarten the exclusive right to hold, use, occupy and enjoy which has not been assigned and the right to enter into and upon any part of the Buildings (save and except the Government , Accommodation) with or without workmen and equipment at all reasonable times on giving prior reasonable written notice (except in the case of emergency) for any or all of the purposes aforesaid and to license or otherwise permit or grant the right so to do to any other person on such terms as the First Owner may deem fit PROVIDED THAT any fee or monetary benefit arising from the aforesaid act to licence permit or grant the right in relation to the Common Areas and Facilities shall go into the management fund and PROVIDED ALWAYS THAT any such chimney, sign, advertisement, mast, aerial, antennae, satellite dish, lightning conductor or lighting or other fixture shall not interfere with the use and enjoyment by other Owners of the part or parts of the Development owned by them and that the First Owner shall cause the least disturbance and at its own expense make good any damage caused thereby.

  2. PeterCWC@RoyalAscot 說:

    2/15电邮, 2/18 bd.gov.hk確認跟進, 3/19再追