住宅業主拥有車路(Development Common Areas) 86.61%的業權及付出96.73%维護費也應該可以晚泊方便一下吧?
開始更明白”慷他人之慨” 及 “明益自己友” 是何解.

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DMC Page 66
. . . the Manager shall have power:-
(a) . . .
(b) To designate any part of the Common Areas and Facilities for the parking of vehicles or any particular class of vehicles subject to approval of the Owners’ Committee (if and when the Owners’ Committee has been established) Provided That the prior written approval of the Director of Lands and all other competent government authorities to such designation has been obtained and that any revenue generated therefrom shall be applied towards the management expenses of the Estate and Provided Further that the rights and interests of the Owners and their access to and from their units shall not be affected;
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3 comments on “17a.如何免費在駿景園泊車?
  1. PeterCWC@RoyalAscot 說:

    Lands Department issued “Revised Guidelines for DMC” on 2011/6/28
    Guideline #9: No conversion of common areas:

  2. PeterCWC@RoyalAscot 說:

    5月二日早上四時半在屋苑走一圈, 發現三駕村巴泊在平台三五座外,另三駕泊在幼稚園外!

  3. PeterCWC@RoyalAscot 說:

    寄件人︰ “lesten@landsd.gov.hk”
    收件人︰ Peter Cheng 副本(CC)︰ esstn@landsd.gov.hk
    傳送日期︰ 2014年03月31日 (週一) 2:29 PM
    主題︰Change of Land Use of Drive Way , Royal Ascot, Fo Tan, Sha Tin

    Dear Mr. Cheng,

    I refer to your email.

    We have checked with the property manager and understand that the concerned driveway is a development common area of Royal Ascot under their management. We have also inspected the concerned driveway during our office hour and there is no parking of any vehicle. While there is no particular restriction in the land grant of Royal Ascot on the use of development common area, as your concern is whether over-night parking by estate shuttle buses at the said driveway is permissible, you may consider whether the Road Traffic (Parking on Private Roads) Regulations will be relevant. We may refer your concern to the relevant government department for further advice on this statutory regulation if you want us to do so. Thanks.

    Calvin HA
    for District Lands Officer/ Sha Tin