17b.如何免費在駿景園泊車? 續集-村巴住宅平台過夜

* 2014/7/17 收到消防處回覆已放於下文. 
* 2014/7/23 收到申訴專員的信也供大家分享.
村巴除了可晚泊於駿景幼稚園外過夜 ( http://eowner.info/?p=6441 ), 也可以泊在往户平台6,7座對開!
香港嚴重的霸佔 “公用設施” 不只是發生在大街小巷商販雲集處, 駿景園的 “住宅共用設施” Residential Common Areas and Facilities 也可以被侵佔權益?
DMC Page 66
. . . the Manager shall have power:-
(a) . . .
(b) To designate any part of the Common Areas and Facilities for the parking of vehicles or any particular class of vehicles subject to approval of the Owners’ Committee (if and when the Owners’ Committee has been established) Provided That the prior written approval of the Director of Lands and all other competent government authorities to such designation has been obtained and that any revenue generated therefrom shall be applied towards the management expenses of the Estate and Provided Further that the rights and interests of the Owners and their access to and from their units shall not be affected;
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One comment on “17b.如何免費在駿景園泊車? 續集-村巴住宅平台過夜
  1. pC 說:

    From: “st_fstn@hkfsd.gov.hk”
    To: Peter Cheng Sent: Thursday, July 17, 2014 9:12 AM
    Subject: Re: Overnight Parking – Road Blocked – Fire Safety Risk

    Dear Mr. CHENG,

    Thank you for your preceding email of 4.6.2014 regarding the captioned subject.

    Inspections to the captioned location were conducted by our officers on 4.6.2014, 13.6.2014 and 16.7.2014 respectively. During the time of inspections, no illegal parking of vehicles was noted at the road near Royal Ascot Kindergarten and the podium at Blocks 3 and 5 of Royal Ascot. Therefore, no enforcement action could be contemplated by this Department.

    In addition, having checked the approved building plan of Royal Ascot, the road in question near Royal Ascot Kindergarten is a driveway whereas the aforesaid podium is served as an emergency access for fire appliances.

    Thank you again for bringing the matter to our attention. Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact the Duty Officer of Shatin Fire Station at 2691 2614 or the undersigned at 2691 0596.

    Best regards,

    (CHAN Kim-man)
    Station Commander of Shatin Fire Station
    Fire Services Department
    Tel.: 2691 0596
    Fax.: 2698 2158
    Email: st_fstn@hkfsd.gov.hk